How to win in the Level Up! Live Side Events

The Level-Up Live’s main competitions are the online group tournaments for each of their games. On the side, there are a few artistic contests that offer generous prizes for the budding young artist or the hungry professional. This guide will help you win in these contests.

The first thing you have to remember that LU Live is a marketing event whose main objective is to sell their games to their target audience that consists mostly of adolescent males.

That being the point, the judges will most probably be marketing people and not artists. Therefore aesthetics will depend on what the target audience wants, rather than proficiency in artistic techniques.

This year, the contests will include Cosplay, Digital Art, Film Festival, Digital Photography. Digital art and photography  replaced the on-the spot art contests of the past.

Here are my recommendations:


Zeph "Cora" Espino

The Best Female is always the pretty one with the stage presence and the revealing costume.

The Crowd Favorite is always the girl with the more revealing costume, unless you do really something to gain attention, such as falling thru the stage.

The Best Male/Craftsmanship is always the guy with the really creative, elaborate, hard to make rubber armor costume.

Best Junior Cosplayer is always Alex Mei Alegria, by default.

The Frost Jokers

The Frost Jokers

The Best Group is always the group who can entertain the audience the most with the right balance of stage fights and sexy comedy.

For the Film Festival, use of the following techniques will almost certainly make you win. Remember, it’s not in the plot, it’s in the wow factor for the majority of the audience.
  • simple 3D and Flash animation (even the stiffest of movements will do)
  • machinima
  • simple particle special effects
Remember to make your film in such a way as not to alienate gamers. Always include scenes that make them think of scenes from the game.
For the painting contests, the winner is the one who can emulate the best manga artists.
For the new photography contests, there should always be an attractive female in the frame.

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